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ZEBRA (Flowering booster)

Zebra acts on metabolic mechanism of plants.
It improves the uptake and utilization of nutrients by activating the enzyme system.
It activates specific plants genes and boosting anti-stress for fast recovery of plant growth.
It induces flowering, pollination and fruit setting.
It mitigates the impact of heat & cold on growth.
It also protect crop from damage by pesticides and fertilizers upto certain extent.
Dose 3 ml. per litre of water by foliar spray.

HUMICO (Growth booster)

Humico is a biological liquid concentrate rich in humic acid sourced from some of finest sources in the world.
It increases water holding capacity of the soil.
It helps in resisting the drought.
It helps in CEC (Cation exchange capacity) activity.
It helps in uptake of micro nutrients from soil.
It helps in root zone & increases root growth.
Dose 3 ml. per litre of water by foliar spray or 500 ml. per acre through drip irrigation or flood irrigation.

ZYMO PLUS (Stress recovery booster)

It will promote strong and vigorous development of roots.
It encourages stronger & healthier plants that have a greater resistance to diseases.
It provides natural hormones and nutrients in an immediate and easily absorbed form when applied as a foliar spray.
It spreads very fast in plant by foliar spray.
Dose 3 ml. per litre of water through foliar spray.

ZYMO PLUS (Granules)

Zymo Plus (Granules) is a seaweed based product which is a natural bio-stimulant for all crops.
Enhance profuse root and shoot development.
Enhance tolerance to stress conditions.
Increase soil microbial activities. Greater resistance to pest and diseases.
Helps in recovering the crop from a biotic and abiotic stress.
Dose 8-10 Kg. per acre.